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    • Myths And Facts About Blood Donation

      Donating a unit of blood does not harm your body because your body produces 2 million red blood cells every second. Blood donation does not mean risking your life but it is your contribution towards saving lives. The blood is divided into its basic three components, the Red Blood Cells, the White Blood Cells and the …

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    • Blood Donation Eligibility

      Blood donation is a wonderful way of giving back a life, but to ensure the safety of both donors and recipients there are few requirements you should keep in mind. Know Your Blood Group : – The first step is to know your blood group and to which blood group your blood matches for donation. See the …

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    • Pain of Thalassemic Children

      Childhood is very precious the way you took pleasure in small things. One can never forget the memories of Childhood, Sadly each year millions of children undergo diagnoses for Thalassemia. These children have to suffer a lot of problems  Problem faced by these children Problems start within the 1st year of life.   Small kids …

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